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Hosted by JB Anderton, a child of the 1970s and life-long Batfan. This podcast looks back at the many incarnations of the Batman in the 1970s, including an in-depth look at DC's Batman and Detective Comics as well as his adventures on Saturday morning cartoons and Power Records stories, in order to discover what aspects of the character we know and love originated during the Bronze Age.

Jun 21, 2024


CREDITS: Frank Robbins (story & art)

Batman investigates a series of apparent suicides of affluent men in Gotham’s society, however he soon puts his own life at stake in order to bring the real killer to justice.

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May 18, 2024

CREDITS: Bob Haney (story) Dick Dillon & Henry Scarpelli (art)

In this “imaginary story”, the teenage sons of Batman and Superman take on an extortion racket at a nearby city, however their adventure is secretly a test of their skills and abilities that has been set up by their...

Apr 26, 2024

CREDITS: Denny O’Neil (story) Irv Novick & Dick Giordano (art)

Catwoman escapes from a prison transport and returns to Gotham in her classic attire to commit a heist of valuable jewels.  

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Mar 24, 2024

CREDITS: Bob Haney (story), Jim Aparo (art)

After an attack at the Gotham Museum, Batman travels to Egypt to investigate the secret of a hidden tomb, where the secret of immortality is to be found.  Meanwhile, the escape artist known as Mr. Miracle accompanies a German doctor on an...

Feb 29, 2024

PUBLISHING DATE: September 1976
CREDITS: David V Reed (story), Ernie Chan and Tex Blaisdell (art)

The Riddler escapes from prison and attempts to out-riddle Batman and Robin once again.  Also in this episode, JB shares his recent adventures in viral video-making and Adam West Batman cosplaying.  

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