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Hosted by JB Anderton, a child of the 1970s and life-long Batfan. This podcast looks back at the many incarnations of the Batman in the 1970s, including an in-depth look at DC's Batman and Detective Comics as well as his adventures on Saturday morning cartoons and Power Records stories, in order to discover what aspects of the character we know and love originated during the Bronze Age.

Oct 9, 2019


TITLE: This Murder Has Been Pre-Recorded
CREDITS: Frank Robbins (story) Irv Novick & Dick Giordano

Jeff Hopkins is the host of the Mt. Rushmore podcast where he and two friends debate what are the four definitive (fill in the blank)s that would be engraved on a monument. In his spare time he hires himself out for personal appearances in the Los Angeles area as the 1966 TV Batman for parties and events, including fundraisers to bring comics to children in hospitals and cancer wards.